Spling drives the most relevant content, to each user, at the right time.

We boost engagement and revenue for publishers and retailers.

Bruce Painser
Former President, Hearst Entertainment

"Major media companies have a lot of information, but the key to success on the web is organizing it for maximum effectiveness and revenue. That is where Spling comes in."

David Boxenbaum
COO A&M/Octone Records

"Spling turns browsers into buyers."

How It Works

Easy setup

Spling instantly integrates and understands your content.

Continuous Tracking

In real-time, we track every user interaction, as well as site wide trends, to determine what’s most relevant for each individual user.

Constant Optimization

Spling dynamically shows each user their most relevant content to drive increased engagement.

Under the hood


Our proven technology maximizes your conversions and revenue.

Easy Integration

Installation takes minutes, and Spling automatically adjusts to your site’s parameters.

Cross Platform

Dynamic recommendations across all of your customer touch points, including your site, email digests, and app.

Your most relevant content
Specified for each user based on their behavior
Combined with site-wide trends and interaction habits
Delivered across all platforms to maximize engagement and conversions


Whether you use your design or the Spling interface, installation takes minutes. We automatically adjust to your site's parameters.



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